Siberian Tigers Photography Tour
  • To see the biggest and one of the rarest big cat in the world;
  • Chance to see Hymalayan and brown bears as well;
  • Staying in our hides dramatically increases chances of taking photos;
  • To become one of the few people to have ever seen this cat;
  • Stunning landscapes of Ussuri taiga;
  • No extra charges on the route;
  • Delicious organic Russian food;
  • Good transport;
  • Experienced guides;
  • Small groups (6 tourists maximum);
  • To make a contribution to our wildlife preservation.
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Place: Private Forestry , Lazo district, Primorsky krai, Russian Far East
Group size: 3-6 persons
Recommended period for travelling: all year round.
Accommodation: forest hotel 7 nights, 4* hotel in Vladivostok 1 night.
from USD 3200 per person (4-6 PAX)*,
USD 3700 per person (3 PAX),
USD 5200 per person (2 PAX),
1 PAX – on request.
* If you don't have a company you may join one of our groups. Write us to to get more info and available dates.
This tour provides you an opportunity to see one of 40 tigers living in Lazo area of Primorsky krai, including the Lazo Reserve, the National Park "Zov Tigra" and the private forestry. You will spend your time in different hides in wild forest waiting for the King of taiga goes out for his prey.
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