This tour provides you an opportunity to see and take pictures of one of 45 snow leopards living in Salugem National Park, Altai Republic.
  • To see one of the most beautiful big cat in the world;
  • Chance to see Pallas' and other endangered species as well;
  • Due to low altitudes you don't need mountain acclimatization;
  • To become one of the few people to have ever seen this cat in Russia;
  • Stunning landscapes of sacred Altai mountains;
  • No extra charges on the route;
  • Delicious traditional Altai food;
  • Experienced guides;
  • Small groups (4 tourists maximum);
  • To make a contribution to snow leopards conservation.
MaDuration: 9 days/8 nights (varies)
Place: Altai Republic (Airport Gorno-Altaysk), Siberia, Russia
Group size: 1-4 persons
Period of travelling: March-April
Other animals: Pallas' cat, argali, musk deer, sika deer, sable, wolf, lynx, fox, brown bear, ibex. Good place for bird watchers.
Accommodation: 3* hotel in Gorno-Altaysk (1 night), guest house in Kosh Agach village (2 nights), guest house in Chagan Burgazy (5 nights). Heated tents during day trips.
Food: Traditional Altai cuisine of ecological friendly ingredients concerning your dietary requirements. Mostly meat, fish and pastry. Vegetarian food is possible.
Price: USD 2520 per person (3-4 PAX),
USD 3900 per person (2 PAX),
1 PAX – on request.
You will stay in the guest house "Chagan Burgazy" for overnights and track the big cats in a day light with the best ranger of this area, about 5 adult leopards inhabit in this area.
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