Combined Amur leopard & Amur tiger photo tour
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We created this combined tour for the both big cats for those photographers and wildlife lovers who would like to come to our amazing region for a longer period and to take all opportunities which our nature provides. This tour is a combination of photo hides and active car safaris deep in taiga. We'll visit 3 main national parks and reserves where Amur tigers and Amur leopards inhabit.
    Duration: 13 days/12 nights or 16 days/15 nights
    Places: Leopard Land National Park, Lazovsky Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park, Vladivostok city, Primorsky krai, Russia
    Group size: 2-6 persons
    Recommended period for travelling: November-March
    Accommodation: 4* Azimut hotel in Vladivostok (on your last night), village cottage (shared rooms), professional photo hides, guest house in the reserve, forest cabin.
    from USD 5150 per person (4-6 PAX)*
    1-3 PAX – on request.
    * If you travel alone, you are welcome to join one of our groups. Contact us at to get more info and available dates.
    You'll visit 3 nature reserves for outstanding impressions. Why to come:

    • to become one of a few photographers who have ever captured these elusive big cats;
    • to walk along sea bays and pristine beaches of the Sea of Japan;
    • to have an overnight in a real winter cabin in the very heart of taiga in the Amur tigers kingdom;
    • to visit mystique places;
    • to enjoy stunning landscapes of Ussuri taiga;
    • to eat delicious Far-Eastern cuisine and enjoy the wilds.
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    Day 1. Vladivostok - Leopard Land.
    Vladivostok / Khasan area - Today you will be met at the airport and taken to the forest guest house (~2-3 hours) of the Leopard Land National Park. On arrival here we will settle into the reserve's guest house or you may go directly to the hide for 6 days not to lose one evening and one morning which are usually the best time for photography.
    Days 2-7. Leopard Land National Park. Photo hides experience.
    For the next 6 days you will have access to one of 6 hides which were constructed under control of professional photographers and rangers. One professional photo hide accommodates 2 people, there are two bunks for sleeping and we recommend people spend the entire time to reduce traffic and to increase chances to see the leopards (all 5-6 nights inside the hide). There is a toilet, gas heater and we will provide lots of food (we will bring food regularly and you will be in radio contact with the main accommodation). On day 2 you will have breakfast in the guest house and then you will have food provided for you in the hide, if you come back to the hotel at any time you will have your meals and hot shower there but we recommend to reduce your traffic as much as you can.

    The main wildlife which you can capture there in winter: Amur leopard, Amur tiger, sika deer, roe deer, wapiti, musk deer, wild boar, Amur cat, Siberian wiesel and many species of birds.
    Day 7. Transfer to Lazovsky district.
    In the afternoon you'll come back to the guest house, take a shower, have a hot meal and transfer to the Lazovsky area. It takes 5-6 hours to drive there. We'll come to the private game reserve which is a corridor for mammals and about 20 tigers between Lazovsky Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park. Overnight in the wooden cozy cottage with Russian banya (sauna) and delicious food. If we have time we'll do night car safari in search of Amur tigers, Amur cats, owls, flying squirrels and ungulates.

    Lazovsky area in winter is good to capture Amur tiger, Amur cat, ungulates, wiesels, sables, raccoon dogs, spotted seals, rare eagles and owls.
    Day 8. Lazovsky Reserve. Zarya & Proselochnaya bays.
    Breakfast. Transfer to the most beautiful bays of the Primorsky Territory: Zarya bay and Proselochnaya bay (2 hours on the way). Here you can see fresh tracks of a tiger and, who knows, perhaps the tiger itself. The incredible rock formations on the shore will take your breath away. Lunch on the road. Trekking with a reserve inspector. Lake Zarya. Walk along the bays and viewpoints. If the weather permits, we will soak up the sun and swim in the protected sea backwaters. Return to the game reserve (2 hours). Dinner.

    Zarya and Proselochnaya bays are famous for their water of indescribable color and stone remains on the seashore, associated with various legends about the disappeared Atlantean civilization that previously existed in the Primorsky Territory. There are also no recreation centers or houses here, since these bays are part of the reserve; tourists cannot be here without an inspector, thereby preserving the pristine nature of these places. In addition to tiger tracks, our tourists saw here from the shore the Pacific beaked whale and lot of spotted seals.
    Days 9-11. Zov Tigra National Park.
    These days we'll go to the heart of taiga where there is the highest Amur tiger population, Zov Tigra National Park. There will be three days of driving through the forest. While the tigers prefer roads in winter time the chances to meet them are high. Overnights in a winter cabin with a toilet outside and not shower but lack of comfort is worth that because of high chances.
    Day 12. Going back to Vladivostok.
    Breakfast and car safari in the forest and going back to Vladivostok in the afternoon (5 hours drive). Dinner in one of the best restaurants of Vladivostok. Overnight in 4* hotel.
    Day 13. Back home.
    Breakfast in the hotel. Airport transfer. If there is time before departure in the morning, or you are staying further in Vladivostok, we will provide you a city tour to the most interesting places, such as the Golden Bridge, the lighthouse on the Egersheld, the Submarine, the Tsesarevich Embankment, Russky Island, the Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power, Korabelnaya Embankment, oceanarium. Vladivostok is a very beautiful city, drowning in fog and port romance. If time permits, we will take you to a Korean restaurant for lunch, the most popular food among the local population.
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