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Ethnic immersion in Chukotka life
Chukotka challenge
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ROUTE: Anadyr' - Kanchalan - Anadyr'

Description : We invite you on an incredible journey through the northern region, where you can get acquainted with the culture and life of the indigenous Chukchi, become real reindeer herders and test your endurance in extreme conditions.

  1. Acquaintance with the life and culture of the Chukchi. During your stay in Chukotka, you will visit a traditional Chukchi camp and get involved in their way of life. You will be immersed in the world of the indigenous people, who live in harmony with nature and continue the traditions of their ancestors.
  2. Reindeer husbandry training. As part of the tour, you will take a course as a reindeer herder and learn how to care for and manage reindeer. Together with experienced reindeer herders, you will learn how to gather a herd and move it to new pastures.
  3. 100% ethno diving. You will be able to immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere, visit traditional homes, taste national dishes and make your own souvenirs.
  4. Extreme tests. Tests of endurance and fortitude await you: crossing the tundra on foot, participating in national sports competitions.

Season: December to March, July-September.
Age: 25+.
Duration: 25 days.
Transport: Toyota Hiace, all-terrain vehicle Treckol 39294.

    Day 1-3. Anadyr'.
    Day 1. Arrival at Ugolnye-Kopi airport, transfer to Anadyr, "Anadyr" hotel accommodation, lunch, museum, acquaintance with the culture of the nomadic Chukchi, dinner, rest at the hotel.

    Day 2. Breakfast, city tour, lunch, Ergyron ensemble performance, dinner, rest at the hotel.

    Day 3. Breakfast, briefing on the trip, preparation for departure, lunch, dinner, rest at the hotel.
    Days 4-22. Tundra. Life with Chukchi.
    Day 4.Breakfast, departure to the reindeer herding brigade next to Kanchalan settlement, accommodation.

    Days 5-22. Life and customs of the northern people from morning to evening, participation in the activities and every day life of reindeer herders. Life in the real Chukchi choum with a Chukchi family.

    Kanchalan is located 60 km to the south of Anadyr'.
    The main occupation of the residents is reindeer herding and fishing. Residents of Kanchalan have preserved the traditional way of reindeer herders; several reindeer herding brigades with herds belonging to the municipal agricultural enterprise "Kanchalanskoe" roam in the vicinity of the village.

    A reindeer herding camp is a traditional place of residence and fishing for peoples involved in reindeer herding. This can be either a permanent or temporary place of residence, which is used during the migration period of reindeer herds.
    Reindeer herding camps can be located in various areas - from tundra to forests. They consist of residential Yarangs, tents or houses, as well as buildings for storing food, tools and reindeer herding implements. Usually the camp is inhabited by several families and can be quite large.
    Reindeer husbandry is an important industry and livelihood for many indigenous peoples. Reindeer herds provide meat, leather and other materials for clothing and footwear, and are also used for transport. Reindeer herding camps are important centers of culture and traditions of the Chukotka people.

    We provide you with three meals a day along the entire route. During long journeys we organize a picnic - hot tea and snacks. Upon returning to the base, we will already organize a full hot meal. Since tourists come to Chukotka in order to learn about how local people live, and cuisine is one of the most interesting manifestations of culture, we try to give you the opportunity to try as much as possible of the "Chukchi exotic" - dishes from the meat of sea animals, venison, fish and caviar. Of course, it is difficult for vegetarians and vegans to organize a complete diet, since everything is delivered to stores here during a short navigation period. Sometimes there are shortages of vegetables and fruits, which are affectionately called "freshness" here. In any case, we need to know your dietary restrictions in advance. In any case, there is an abundance of cereals and pasta in the summer. But you will have to forget about some delights until you return home.
    Please do not underestimate the severity of the local climate. There is only one piece of advice - do not ignore the recommendations, take warm clothes - such as a windproof ski suit, thermal underwear, warm boots (preferably higher ones), warm gloves, scarf, hat.
    We'll provide you with sleeping bags and thermos.
    Respect for the owners.
    We urge everyone to treat the people we come to with care and attention. The culture of sea hunters and tundra reindeer herders is a rare phenomenon that needs protection. Therefore, we ask you to listen to the requests and demands of the community regarding various kinds of rules and taboos, including those related to photo and video shooting, which are currently limited and strictly regulated. We ask you to treat this with tact and understanding and do not film bloody scenes of butchering animals, do not photograph dirt, devastation and drunk people - all this may catch your eye, but you do not need to make it a news feed..
    Safety precautions.
    The nature of Chukotka has still retained its pristine nature - on the one hand, it is incredibly beautiful, on the other - dangerous. Even on the territory of a village, you can come face to face with a predator; you should always remember this while in Chukotka. Always listen to what the locals say – where you can go and where you can't.
    We will give you safety instructions at sea and in the tundra, but common sense and caution are the basis of your safety.

    Days 23-25. Back to civilization.
    Day 23. Breakfast, preparation for departure, transfer by all-terrain vehicle to Anadyr, accommodation at the Chukotka hotel, high-class dinner, free time.

    Day 24. Breakfast, Russian banya, dinner, rest at the hotel.

    Day 25. Breakfast, transfer to the airport, departure back home via Vladivostok or Moscow.
    1. The tour program may vary depending on the weather and road conditions.
    2. The deadline for applying a border permit is at least one month before the tour start
    3. The weather in the expedition region is very changeable. Sudden rain with strong squally winds, stormy seas, fog and low temperatures are possible even in summer.
    4. Strict adherence to safety rules, especially during crossings and being close to wild animals, is not discussed and guarantees your safety and safe return home!

    • Price for 1-2PAX tour is USD 31 000 for 25 days.
      • Transfers
      • 3 meals a day
      • Accommodation
      • English-speaking guide (Chukchi)
      • Organization of stay in a reindeer herding brigade
      • Satellite phone
      • Transport in case of emergencies
      • Invitation letter & border permit
      • Travel insurance
    • Excluded:
      • Flights
      • Alcohol
      • Souvenirs
      • Russian visa fee
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