Lost Islands in the Pacific Ocean in the Far East
Sakhalin & Kunashir
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In this tour you will discover the unique landscapes of the Far East: boiling lakes and volcanic calderas, bizarre kekuras and sea grottoes, fumarole fields and hot mud springs, brown bears and colonies of birds.

You will visit the most picturesque places of Sakhalin and take a boat to Kunashir, where you will explore the Pacific and Okhotsk coasts. The trip will be comfortable - you will live in cozy guest houses and travel lightly.

Visiting 3 active volcanoes, hiking in the Kunashir jungle, fumarole fields, dinner on the Pacific Ocean and many Far Eastern delicacies!
    Duration: 14 days/13 nights
    Season: July-October
    Places: Sakhalin island, Kunashir island, Sakhalin region, the Far East, Russia
    Group size: 8 person
    Accommodation: Cozy hotel "Unost'" in Sakhalin will all facilities, cozy guest house with shared rooms by the seaside in Kunashir, toilet is outside, shower is in sauna.
    from USD 6650 per person (8 PAX)*
    1-4 PAX – on request.
    * If you travel alone, you are welcome to join one of our groups. Contact us at info@bohaitour.com to get more info and available dates.
    We will see many stunning bays, the most beautiful lighthouse in Russia Aniva, the caldera of the Golovnin volcano, Tyata volcano, the fumaroles of the active Mendeleev volcano, Cape Stolbchaty and the edge of the world.

    Why to come:

    • to see the most beautiful and furthest islands of Russia;
    • to hear the sound of waves every day;
    • to eat fresh delicacies;
    • to see the bears;
    • to enjoy a small group and become friends with other adventure lovers;
    • to climd active volcano;
    • to live in the wild with comfort.
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    Day 1. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Sakhalin Island.
    Meeting at the airport.
    You will go on a bus tour of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The guide will introduce you to the history of the city and the main attractions. You will visit the observation deck at the Mountain Air ski resort, which offers a magnificent view of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk surrounded by hills and ridges.
    Returning to the hotel, you will have dinner on your own in one of the restaurants.
    Days 2. Lake Busse.
    Lake Busse lagoon, oyster hunting!
    We suit up and go by boat to the oyster bank, where we collect giant oysters, trumpeters, mussels... and then a sumptuous sea lunch awaits us, including some of the delicacies that we have collected.
    We will be given a real master class on how to open oysters.
    Dinner in the town. Overnight in the hotel.

    Day 3. Around Sakhalin.
    After breakfast from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk we head to Nevelsk, admire the cape and the Lopatin lighthouse, look at Japanese military installations and a few other interesting places.
    Then we will go to Kholmsk, we will look at the Salyut waterfall, a place of military glory - there were battles on Sakhalin, and what kind of battles! And, of course, let's look at the Kholmsky lighthouse - the keeper has been working at this lighthouse for 40 years! This is not an ordinary beacon - it is also the first radio beacon!
    Next we move to Cape Slepikovsky and admire the lighthouse of the same name.
    Boundless ocean, powerful waves, beautiful views and a delicious sea lunch.
    Thus, in a day we will see the southwestern coast of Sakhalin.
    Dinner in the town, overnight in the hotel.
    Day 4. Transfer to Kunashir.
    After breakfast we go to the city of Korsakov, there we board a ship - and go by sea and ocean to the island of Kunashir. Traveling by sea is a little adventure in itself. Endless sea, stunningly beautiful sunset and sunrise. Marine inhabitants - dolphins, killer whales, puffins, sea lions...
    Ship's marine kitchen is definitely something to try!
    Delicious fried halibut in the most delicate crispy crust, salads with real crab meat, low-salt fish…. Overnight in the cabins.
    Day 5. Arrival to Kunashir.
    Arrival to Kunashir. We buy groceries and check into a guest house on the ocean. If the weather permits, we will take a short sightseeing tour of the island.
    Day 6. Golovin volcano & Lake Goryachee.
    Caldera of the Golovnin volcano - route for the whole day, Lake Boiling, Lake Goryachee, swimming, lunch at the cordon.
    You can't swim in Boiling Lake - you'll get boiled, and there you need to be as careful as possible and listen to the guides where it's safe to go and where not.
    But it's a pleasure to swim in Lake Goryachiye - the water from the Boiling stream flows into the cold lake - the waters mix and we swim in warm water, take hydrogen sulfur and radon baths.
    By the way, along the way and near the lakes we encounter the remnants of Japanese activity on the island, sometimes these remnants are simply lying under our feet - you feel like some kind of pioneer.
    The Golovnin Cliff is a stunningly beautiful sheer abrasion cliff, formed as a result of the destruction of a high bedrock coast under the influence of the surf.
    The length of the Golovnin cliff is several kilometers and you can get close to it only during high tide.
    We will combine these 2 routes in one day, and if we are lucky with the weather, we will also swim in the waterfalls.
    Overnight in a guest house.
    Days 7-9. Tyatya volcano.
    Volcano Tyatya - because of its regular shape and beauty it is called the second Fuji
    We plan on 3 days for this trip. We will first go to the volcano by sea, this is an early rise and several hours of sailing.
    Then we set up camp, eat and start the climb.
    The difficulty of Tyati is in the cinder fields, and in its upper part the slope becomes steeper. Volcano Tyatya is a very wild place, here we can meet bears and no people.
    The weather in the Kuril Islands is unpredictable, if you are very lucky, we can do it in 1-2 days (early rise, go by sea, climb, overnight, hot lunch and dinner, and back by sea).
    Day 10. Cape Stolbchaty.
    Cape Stolbchaty – hiking through a relict forest or along the coast, perhaps swimming in silicon baths (although they are more like puddles, but for information: silicon is a vital piezo-element, the strength of our immunity depends entirely on it, so these baths are highly recommended .
    15-20 minutes of such a bath - and a huge plus for your health in the autumn-winter period, a picnic on the ocean shore with a view of Japan, swimming in the ocean - as the weather allows, the water is quite comfortable, and, in fact, the cape itself!
    The cape is stunning, impressive, makes you fall in love with it, an absolutely fantastic creation of nature!
    Day 11. Tysyachekapelny waterfall.
    This place is called Kuril Bali.
    A sky-blue stream, picturesque rocks and a hike full of impressions! The picture before your eyes is constantly changing, there is so much beauty that you don't have time to absorb it.
    Day 12. Sakhalin.
    After breakfast we'll have a flight to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Here we'll stay in the hotel and have a free time.
    Day 13. Tikhaya Bay.
    After breakfast at the hotel, you will head to the eastern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. On the way, you will stop by the village of Starodubskoye, where you will stroll along the amber beach. Next, visit the Torii, the ritual gate of an ancient Japanese Shinto shrine.
    Arriving at Tikhaya Bay, you will go out with a guide on a walking route along the coast. You will see picturesque lagoons, grottoes and gorges. If you're lucky, you'll see red-crowned cranes and seals on the coastal cliffs. Climbing up to the sea terraces, you will see amazing herbs and edelweiss, steep cliffs bordering the island, black stones with green caps and rolling waves.
    Have lunch on the shore with seafood delicacies. In the evening you will return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and have dinner in a cafe.
    Day 14. Back home.
    After breakfast at the hotel, you will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight. We can visit fish market if you wish.
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