Shantar Islands.

Whales watching cruise
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Shantar Islands is a very hard-to-reach region of the Far East. That is exactly why you will experience solitude and union with nature upon arrival to this archipelago. The main citizens of Shantar Islands are bowhead and killer whales, seals, bears, and Steller's sea eagles. During the journey you will see them in their natural habitat.
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Group size: 1-8 persons
Start point: Nikolaevsk-na-Amure Airport, Khabarovsky kray.
Period for travelling: July-August
Accommodation: Catamaran with heated cabins for two persons including hot shower and lavatory.
Price: USD 3900 per person if you join a group (shared cabin)
USD 25 800 for individual trip (up to 8 participants)
* If you don't have a company you may join one of our groups. Write us to to get more info and available dates.
Russian Far East is the most beautiful and the wildest corner of the country. Enjoy your lifetime journey!
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