Tigers by the Sea
  • To visit the most distant, beautiful, clear and wild corner of Russia;
  • To see fresh tiger's footprints in 50 meters from the cabin;
  • Unique travel experience without crowds of tourists;
  • To visit places of Force and accumulate life energy;
  • To see rare animals in their natural habitat;
  • No extra charges on the route;
  • Delicious organic Russian food;
  • Business-class transport;
  • Experienced guides;
  • Small groups (6 tourists maximum);
  • To make a contribution to our wildlife preservation.
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Places: Far-Eastern Marine Reserve, Leopard Land National Park, Kedrovaya Pad' Reserve, Lazovsky Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park, Vladivostok city, Primorsky krai, Russia
Group size: 2-6 persons
Recommended period for travelling: June-September
Accommodation: 4* Azimut hotel in Vladivostok (on your last night), village cottage (shared rooms), beach houses (shared accommodation), guest house in the reserve, forest cabin.
from USD 2900 per person (4-6 PAX)*
1-3 PAX – on request.
* If you travel alone, you are welcome to join one of our groups. Contact us at info@bohaitour.com to get more info and available dates.
You'll visit 4 nature reserves for outstanding impressions:

  • the King of Taiga Amur tiger lives together with Amur leopard the world's rarest big cat;
  • sea bays and pristine beaches of Ussuri Taiga;
  • go fishing to the wild rivers;
  • visit mystique places;
  • eat delicious Far-Eastern cuisine and enjoy the wilds.
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Me and three friends spent 8 nights and 9 days with Vitaly and Olga across three big cat reserves and two beautiful beach houses. It was an incredible experience and by the time it ended I felt like they had become family.

Olga is very professional and attentive to detail. She has a great sense of humor as does Vitali. Everything was taken care of. We didn't have to lift a finger from start to finish. Olga personalized an itinerary that fit our needs specifically. We were not professional photographers but rather hikers and nature enthusiasts.

We were picked up in two Land Cruisers in Vladivostok, carted around the Krai, cooked for and taken care of every step of the way. The only problem I had with the tour was it ending. I wanted to take our guides with us on to Kamchatka.

One of our four clearly saw a tiger at Lazovsky Park in a meadow stalking deer. The rest of us were very satisfied with their pug marks, fresh prints only 30 meters aways from where we had been standing the night before, numerous hits on our camera traps, scat and tree markings. The feeling one gets being on foot in those forests with apex predators like tigers is nearly impossible to describe and very difficult to replace. Most similar safaris I have done in India and Africa have you in a jeep. Bohai has you on the ground. The rangers they use are also excellent and clearly committed to protecting these rare animals and the forests that support them.

We saw red fox, spotted seals, chipmunks, black squirrels, beautiful birdlife and more sitka deer than you would even try to count. The food was gourmet from wild game to fresh fish and Kamchatka crab. The scenery was breathtaking every step of the way and the banyas added a perfect finish to the day.

We felt that the trip was a great value and it is something I will always look back on favorably. Honestly, we were all thrilled and I am already trying to figure out how to return this winter.

I highly recommend Olga, Vitaly, and the Bohai tour.
Frank Cafarella, USA
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