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In the very North of Russia, there are gloomy and deserted Wrangel and Herald Islands washed by the cold Chukchi sea. There are thousands of birds' nests among the blackening rocks, and majestic gray whales in cold water in migration period. Feel yourself a real polar explorer discovering the land of polar bears, walruses and musk oxen. During the trip you will see as many as 60-70 polar bears.
Duration: 13 days/12 nights
Group size: 48 persons
Period for travelling: Aug, 30-Sep, 11 2024
Accommodation: You will travel by Professor Khromov a small expedition ice-class vessel. Different cabin categories.
Start point: The journey begins in Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Region), Russia.

Price: from USD 8230 per person.
Write us at to get more info and available dates.

Why to come:
- to get into the spirit of a real sea expedition
- to visit the Bering Strait and the Chukchi Sea;
- to see the whale alley and cemetery;
- to be at the easternmost point of Eurasia
- to visit the northernmost nature reserve in Russia;
- to see polar bears and musk oxen with your own eyes;
- to photo hunt whales and bird colonies with zodiacs;
- to soak in thermal springs at the end of the world
- to get acquainted with the life and traditions of the Chukchi and Eskimos;
- to approach the international date line.
Day 1. Anadyr port. Departure.

We meet at the port of Anadyr and take places in the cabins on "Professor Khromov" vessel. Departure from the port at 14-00. Immediately after entering the open sea - welcome lunch. Don't forget to look out the windows or over the side of the ship - already in the Anadyr estuary, with a 100% probability we will see the mysterious milky marbled beluga whales.

Day 2. Provideniya Bay.

After a long passage through the Gulf of Anadyr, the ship will enter Provideniya Bay.
Here you will see many narrow bays surrounded by dark hills up to 800 m high, sometimes covered with snow. This is one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Chukotka - a narrow bay stretches for 34 km, forming a bizarre coastline, and the harsh climate with frequent fogs makes the landscape unique and mysterious.

Day 3. Itygran Island and the village of Yanrakynnot.

You will continue your journey along the southeastern tip of the Chukotka Peninsula.
While landing on Itygran Island, examine a unique monument of ancient Eskimo culture - Whale Alley, a sanctuary made of bowhead whale bones dug into the ground. Researchers believe that it was created no later than the 16th century.
In Gilmimil Bay you will walk through the blooming tundra and swim in hot springs. Then you will return to the ship and go to Panquignay Bay, where you will have encounters with gray and bowhead whales on zodiac boats.
Then you will have a sea crossing to the village of Yanrakynnot. The village is located on a hill on the shore of the Senyavin Strait at the confluence of the Marich River into the Strait. In the vicinity of the village you will see the Whale Cemetery - hundreds of huge bones serve as a monument to the traditional Chukchi hunting industry.

Day 4. Cape Dezhnev and the village of Uelen.

Today you will reach the easternmost point of continental Russia and all of Eurasia - Cape Dezhnev. From here it is only 86 km to the mainland of North America; in good weather you can see the shores of the neighboring continent.
You will visit the monument to Semyon Dezhnev and the lighthouse. Cape Dezhnev and the actual tip of Eurasia are located 12 km from the monument. Like the pioneer Dezhnev in 1648, you will not land there (there is a sheer wall at this point).
Next you will go to the village of Uelen, the easternmost settlement in Eurasia and the largest center of traditional bone-carving art of the peoples of the North. You will visit the first bone-carving workshop in Chukotka, founded in 1931, and then try local delicacies: fish, caviar, whale and walrus meat.
Day 5. Kolyuchin Island.
Continuing your journey across the Chukchi Sea, you will land on the tiny island of Kolyuchin. The area of the island is only 8 km². Until 1992, there was a Russian meteorological station on the island - you will see what is left of it. Next to the abandoned buildings is one of the most spectacular bird colonies in the Arctic, where puffins, guillemots and gulls nest. Polar bears also live on Kolyuchin.

Days 6-7. Wrangel Island.
You will spend these two days on the territory of Wrangel Island, which is a nature reserve of the same name. If the weather permits, you will make several landings on the shore. Get acquainted with the unique wildlife of the Arctic: you will see polar bears, walruses, musk oxen, Arctic birds, as well as fantastic northern landscapes.
The natural complex of the Wrangel Island reserve is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here is the world's highest density of polar bear dens, more than 50 species of birds nest, and in the adjacent waters you can find beluga whales, gray whales, and, less commonly, bowhead whales. More than 400 species and subspecies of plants have been found on Wrangel, which is more than on any other Arctic island. About 40 species and subspecies of plants, insects, birds and animals are not found anywhere else in the world.

Day 8. Gerald Island.
Today you will continue to explore the territory of the reserve. If the ice conditions are favorable, you will be able to approach Herald Island, located 40 km east of Wrangel. The island has high shores, inconvenient for landings, but from the expedition boat you will watch the bird colonies and take photographs of polar bears.

Day 9. Kolyuchinskaya Bay.
The ship will approach the coast of the Chukchi Sea. On the rocky shores of the huge Kolyuchinskaya Bay, boat trips on zodiac boats await you in places where encounters with whales, walruses and other animals are most likely. Also here you can observe the diversity of Arctic birds.

Day 10. Bering Strait and Ratmanov Island.
Having rounded Cape Dezhnev, the ship will head towards the center of the Bering Strait. You will land on Ratmanov Island - the easternmost island of Russia, which is adjacent to the American Kruzenshtern Island. The International Date Line runs between the two rocky islands, which is why they are called "Tomorrow Island" and "Yesterday Island."

Day 11. Village Lorino.
Returning to the shores of Chukotka, the ship will stop at the village of Lorino, the capital of Russian whaling. Only representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North are allowed to catch whales in these waters. Not far from the village you can visit the hot springs - Lorinskie Klyuchi.

Day 12. Fishing on Lake Accheon.
Today you can leisurely fish on Lake Accheon, separated from the Gulf of Anadyr by a narrow flat spit. For lunch you will be offered fish soup from the fish you caught, and then you will relax on the shore by the fire.

Day 13. Arrival in Anadyr.
Early in the morning the ship will call at the port of Anadyr. You will be transferred to your hotel or airport for your flight home.

A guest chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant will work on board. If you have any special dietary requirements, please advise us in advance.
Breakfast: buffet.
Lunch: Lunch boxes on excursions or buffet on board.
Dinner: A la carte.

Cabins & prices.

Shipowner's suite. 27m2, max 3 people, windows on two sides, a double bed in a separate area, a living room with a sofa, a desk, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a private toilet and shower.
$ 66 700 for 3 people
$ 44 500 for 2 people

Mini-suite. 18m2, 2-3 people, windows on two sides, a double bed in a separate area, a living room with a sofa, a desk, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a private toilet and shower.
$ 55 050 for 3 people
$ 36 720 for 2 people

Superior Plus. 12m2, 2 people, window, two beds (lower), desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and private toilet and shower.
$ 26 850 for 2 people

Superior. 12m2, 2 people, windows, two beds (lower and upper), desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and private toilet and shower.
$ 23 370 for 2 people

Standard: 12 m2, 2-3 people, window, two beds, desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and washbasin (shared toilet and shower).
$ 24 700 for 3 people
$ 18 440 for 2 people
$ 8 230 - shared in triple cabin
$ 9 220 - shared in double cabin

- Group transfer from/to the airport/hotel
- Accommodation in a cabin of the selected category
- 3 meals per day, snacks 24/7
- All excursions and expeditions according the program
- Border, reserves permits
- Participation in ship events, lectures, films
- Expedition jacket
- Port charges
- Life insurance (Russian insurance company)
- Invitation letter (voucher) to obtain visa.

Doesn't include:
- Air flights to Anadyr (we can help with the flights)
- Hotel in Anadyr (if you come earlier the tour starts)
- Satellite phone, Internet
- Bar service (alcohol, snacks)
- Laundry
- Tips (optional)
- Souvenirs

Visa & flights.

We'll help you to obtain visa in your country, Russian embassies provide visas in all countries. We'll send you invitation letter and suggest a good visa agent in your country if you don't have your own.
Flights to Russia are possible via Dubai, Istanbul, Beijing, Bangkok and others. Flights to Anadyr are possible from Moscow and Vladivostok. Just tell us your departure airport and we'll find the best flights for you.

Packing list.

When choosing clothes and shoes, take into account the characteristics of the Arctic region. Temperatures at the northern points of the route can drop below zero. Sometimes there are no landings and the boats go along the shore.
So that nothing distracts you from the harsh beauty of northern nature, remember that it can be very windy on the coast, this enhances the temperature effect. On a boat in slight waves, splashes cannot be avoided, so clothing should be waterproof and windproof. The main heat loss occurs through the head, arms and legs - pay maximum attention to these places. We recommend bringing a travel seat with you. Don't forget about your equipment: you need a waterproof case for shooting in rain and drizzle.
Clothing: warm pants, waterproof pants, thermal underwear, sweater, turtleneck, wool hat to cover the ears, balaclava/scarf, warm socks, waterproof windproof jacket with a hood. For the farewell party, you can take elegant clothes with you.
Shoes: hiking boots. Rubber boots are also required, but may be provided free of charge on the first day of the cruise. It is important to take warm insoles with you. During some landings you will have to step into water up to 25 cm deep. It can also be quite slippery on the ice and on the shore. Make sure the boots fit comfortably on the wool toe. You will also need sandals, sneakers or any other comfortable shoes for the ship, as well as flip-flops for the shower.
Other: a small backpack for disembarking (preferably waterproof), warm and waterproof gloves, sunglasses, cream (in windy weather, fatty nourishing cream is preferable), chapstick, binoculars, earplugs, swimsuit (for the sauna, hot springs and optional swimming in the ocean), towel.
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