Bohai Tour
Bohai Tour
Support our new Youtube project about wildlife in Primorye!
About the project:
We're going to 2-weeks big trip around our region Primorye to make Youtube podcast about our wildlife and tourism. It will include the following episodes:

1. Big cats of Primorye: Amur Leopards and Siberian tigers.
2. The most interesting reserves of Primorye: Sikhote Alin Reserve, Lazovsky Reserve, Leopard Land National Park, Udege Legend National Park and Bikin National Park.
3. Photography hides and camera traps experience.
4. Fishing in Primorye.
5. Birds watching in Primorye.
6. Beaches and sea bays of Primorye.
7. Vladivostok, East capital of Russia.
8. New destinations for photography.
9. Soviet history of Primorye.
10. UFO and anomalous zones of Primorye.
How can I help the project?
1. You may make donation to support our wildlife and enjoy our Youtube series in future. Whether it would be $150, $50, $10 or $200 it will help us to collect a proper sum to start the project. You may use Paypal for donation .

2. You may buy our future tour with 25% discount and come at any time with the possibility to re-book the tour as many times as you need depending on the world's situation, or 15% discount if you make 30% deposit for any of our photography tours . The promo is valid till September, 20th 2020.

3. You may share the info about our project with your friends and passionate photographers and get a plus to your karma ;)

How our project will help wildlife?
  • Responsible tourism
    Our campaign will help locals to find jobs in future in tourism, what reduces poaching and irresponsible consuming of taiga products.
  • New Audience Reach
    Our Youtube project will attract attention of wildlife lovers, therefore increase interest to the big cats protection in our region.
  • More money for conservation projects
    We donate 10% of our profit for wildlife conservation projects in Russia.
How much money do we need to collect:
$4780 only:
1. 4x4 transport, fuel and maintenance for 14 days $1400
2. Drone $850
3. GoPro camera $360
4. Software for content making $190
5. Accommodation during the trip $530
6. Camera traps rental, batteries and flash cards $550
7. Internet promotion during 3 months after premiere $900
8. Content making - free
9. Reserves entrance fee - free
10. SMM specialist - free
11. Interviews with locals - free (or small gifts)
12. Translation - free

Plan: 16 series (20-30 minutes each)
After reaching $4780 we'll stop the promo.
Your possible fears about buying the trip now:
1. "Covid-19 will last forever."

The pandemic will end one day, sooner or later. World economics has to recover, it hasn't another choice. Russia has already started to re-open the borders, population vaccination is started from September.

2. "I'll change my mind."

You'll be able to change your tour or dates to another one if tell us 3 months in advance without any commissions. If you won't be able to come at all on some reasons we'll give your money back within 6 months after the borders for tourists are opened.

3. "Your company is among the affected industries, you may be closed."

We don't have any credits or obligations, we're family company with a huge demand for our trips. This is a project of my life and even if the borders are closed for several years more (unlikely) we'll survive for sure.
Come to discover wild Russia with us!
Please ask your questions or book the tour!
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